Elevate Your Hospitality Design with Unique Recycled Art Pieces: A Textile Marvel

We help clients create aesthetic and environmental friendly spaces by transforming residual textiles into uniquely crafted solutions and bespoke objects for design professionals.

We are dedicated to providing design professionals and companies with a range of innovative design services that are not only visually stunning but also positively conscious. Enjoy here a range of projects and collaborations were we provide interior design solutions and objects that - not only reduce environmental impact - but also create a unique exspression through carefully crafted and curated design objects and surfaces.

Our services also provide you with possibility of making an social impact through job creation for female minorities as well as supporting local production in Denmark.

We help you in making a significant difference through unique circular textile objects that reintroduces disgarded materials and local production.

A series of handmade wall pieces for the Danish brand Skagerak. The pieces are  decoration their headquarter in Aalborg. Made from disgarded Skagerak textiles.

Sustainable allure: Sheworks crafts bespoke wall art, adding a touch of style while promoting eco-conscious living.
Textile stories: Sheworks tells sustainable tales on your walls, blending artistry and eco-consciousness.


A carefully crafted series of Hotel Interior made bespoke for the B-corporation Sinatur Hotel Frederiksdal.

A Textile Collection and Repurposing system resulting in a new look for the Søborg Chair by Børge Mogensen for the B-Corporation Fredericia Furniture.

Bespoke textile wonders at Sheworks Atelier: Elevate your space with repurposed wall art blending sustainability and style
Chic sustainability: Sheworks transforms textiles into visually stunning wall decor, making a positive impact on y

A Series of textile explorations resulting in a Wall piece for the Danish Fashion & Textile Association.


Handmade objects collection inspired by kids imagination and made from company surplus and deadstock materials.

Artful elegance: Discover Sheworks's bespoke wall art, merging creativity and eco-consciousness for captivating designs.
Circular textile tales: Sheworks creates wall art, narrating sustainability through visually stunning designs.

A series of wall decorations for the famous Danish Art Museum Louisiana. 

A repurposed series of wall decorations for the Danish brand Applicata..

Chic statements: Make a statement with Sheworks' artisanal wall art, embodying style, uniqueness, and purpose.
Eco elegance: Sheworks redefines chic wall decor, merging aesthetics with environmental well-being.

Handmade cushion collection made from company surplus and deadstock materials for our friends at Sofacompany.

Handmade cushion collection made from company surplus and deadstock materials. Technique especially developed for our friends at Bent Hansen.

Wall art revolution: Join Sheworks in the eco-friendly wall elegance revolution with appealing textile pieces.
Wall narratives: Explore Sheworks' bespoke wall art, a testament to environmental and social impact.

A collection of bags made from production cutt-offs. Presented at 3 Days of Design 2023 at &Tradition pop-up shop.

Sheworks' commitment: Elevate your space with bespoke wall art, blending style, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

A series of soft fúrnishing for Søren Jensen's new HQ in Århus. Made from discarded materials.

Artistry in every piece: Collaborate with Sheworks for chic, sustainable wall decor tailored to your taste.
Bespoke beauty: Uncover beauty in Sheworks' textile repurposing, turning materials into stunning wall art.
Textile transformations: Sheworks turns discarded materials into chic wall decor, embodying sustainability and creativity.

An installation made from disgarded garments for The Ocean Race event.

Sustainable expressions: Sheworks crafts personalized wall art, transforming your space with style and consciousness.



A series of interior objects and installations giving new life to a beloved theater.

Sheworks' signature touch: Bespoke wall art that merges your preferences with sustainability and creativity.
Green elegance: Sheworks' eco-friendly wall art brings beauty and sustainability to your space effortlessly.

Elevate Your Space with Bespoke Hospitality Wall Art: Transformative Repurposing Services.

At Sheworks Atelier, we redefine textile repurposing with a focus on bespoke wall art solutions. Our dedication to design professionals and companies goes beyond aesthetics; we are committed to providing visually stunning designs that are environmentally conscious and contribute to social impact. Explore our services and start making a difference through unique circular textile objects crafted from discarded materials.

  • Bespoke Wall Art Solutions:
  • Elevate your space with our bespoke wall art solutions crafted from repurposed textiles. At [Your Company Name], we specialize in transforming textiles into unique pieces that not only enhance your surroundings but also tell a story of sustainability and creativity.

  • Visually Stunning and Positively Conscious:
  • Our services are designed to offer design professionals and companies visually stunning solutions that are also positively conscious. Choose Sheworks Atelier for bespoke wall art that not only enhances your design aesthetic but also aligns with your commitment to reducing environmental impact.

  • Environmental and Social Impact:
  • Sheworks Atelier is dedicated to making a positive impact both environmentally and socially. Our bespoke textile repurposing services not only contribute to reducing your environmental footprint but also create job opportunities for female minorities in our local production, fostering social impact through sustainable practices.

  • Circular Textile Objects for Change:
  • Start making a difference with our circular textile objects. We reintroduce discarded materials from your production into unique creations that serve as bespoke wall art. Each piece carries a narrative of sustainability, creativity, and a commitment to minimizing waste.


Choose Sheworks Atelier for bespoke wall art that transcends traditional design. Our textile repurposing services not only provide visually stunning solutions but also contribute to positive consciousness—reducing environmental impact and creating social impact through job opportunities for female minorities. Start making a difference in your space with our unique circular textile objects, where creativity meets sustainability.