Elevate Your Hospitality Design with Unique Recycled Art Pieces: A Textile Marvel

Welcome to our press room where we will take you through our process of transforming residual textiles into uniquely crafted solutions and bespoke objects for design professionals. Our distinctive approach involves meticulous and methodical testing of residual materials with a purposeful mantra of creating local opportunities for female artisans. Through an explorative and creative dialougue with residual materials, we transform surfaces and craft intricate designs that reintroduce the true value of otherwise wasted resources. Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics; we strive to contribute to a sustainable and holistic approach to interior design.


Sheworks Atelier stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of interior and surface design. Founded in 2021 by designers Solveig Søndergaard (right) and Martha von Guenther (left) and born out of a commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and ethical design practices, Sheworks Atelier is at the forefront of shaping modern living spaces. Our journey is rooted in the belief that design should not only inspire aesthetics but also contribute positively to communities. The company name symbolize our commitment to creating social opportunities for vunerable women locally.

Our Services 

We collaborate with design professionals, fostering a dynamic partnership that intertwines creativity with sustainability; For manufacturers reintroducing their residual materials, our team works closely to infuse artistic flair into their collections, transforming what might have been considered waste into distinctive, purposeful design objects. Additionally, when undertaking entire interior design projects, our approach revolves around adorning spaces with repurposed materials and locally sourced objects. We collaborate with design professionals to create bespoke environments where every element tells a story of consciousness and design. Through these collaborations, we not only redefine interiors aesthetically but also contribute to a larger narrative of responsible and innovative design practices.

Trendsetting Textile Artistry

A distinctive aspect of our approach involves a meticulous on-going dialougue with residual materials through methodical testing. Through this process, we transform and generate surfaces, crafting intricate designs that showcase the true value of otherwise unwanted resources.

Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics; we strive to contribute to a paradigm shift where a conscious approach to design not only reduces environmental impact but also serves as an innovative celebration of the potential that lies within repurposed materials. Our craft is a narrative where creativity intertwines seamlessly with resource conservation and innovation.

Our work has recently been featured as a part of the Trend Space 24/25 selection "New Sensitivity" presented at the renowened Heimtextile Messe in Frankfurt January 2024.

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine interior and surface design through purposeful and ethical practices. We are dedicated to creating social opportunities for vunerable women locally, focusing on providing jobs, empowerment, and possibilities for talented female artisans in Scandinavia.

The act of creating, whether through hands-on crafting or artistic expression, becomes a therapeutic journey that leads individuals back to a place of inner peace. Engaging in the creative process fosters mindfulness, offering a respite from the chaos of life

New Collaboration

In collaboration with the Danish luxury brand Fredericia Furniture, our latest venture exemplifies our holistic principles. Together, we have crafted a textile collection that embraces innovative design and sustainable methods, emphasizing the intrinsic value hidden within discarded resources from the Fredericia upholstery production.

Every creation is a step towards building a more inclusive, empowered future for women and championing the true value of wasted resources.

To explore the project, read more here.

Creative Director

Creative Director Solveig Søndergaard embodies a fervent dedication to systemic change within the design industry. Driven by a profound love for craft, she envisions and develops design systems that promise to revolutionize the way we perceive and approach design. Solveig's passion lies in creating meaningful and sustainable shifts, challenging traditional paradigms with a focus on craftsmanship and mindful practices. Her work is a testament to the transformative power of design when fueled by a commitment to both artistry and moderation, paving the way for a more conscientious and impactful future in the world as a whole.

For press inquiries:

Solveig Søndergaard, Sheworks Atelier Aps


+45 53326130

Artistic Development

Martha Von Guenther stands as a luminary in the design realm, epitomizing a profound grasp of materials and an unwavering commitment to meticulous craftsmanship. Her creative vision transcends the ordinary, driven by a deep understanding of materials and an acute sense of color. Martha's designs are a testament to her dedication to utmost quality, seamlessly marrying innovation with tradition. As a creative designer, she navigates the realms of materials and colors with an innate understanding, transforming each creation into a harmonious symphony of texture and hue. Martha Von Guenther's work not only reflects her artistic prowess but also sets a standard for the industry, where material understanding and stringent craft converge to redefine the boundaries of design excellence.

Timeline & Achievements

2023 - Presents at Designers Saturday Oslo, together with the B-Corporation Fredericia Furniture.

2023 - Verified Social Enterprise by the SEWF

2022 - Winner of Danish Design Awards (Visionary Concepts)

2022 - Solveig Søndergaard (CEO) appointed Innowoman, Innovation Fund

2021 - Winner of Best Circular Design Studio - Nordics Excellence Award for Sustainability Solutions 

2021 - Solveig Søndergaard appointed Climate Hero, Danish Entrepreneurial Union

2021 - Martha Von Guenther joins the team.

2021 -Sheworks Atelier is legally founded as independent business (Aps)

2020 -Winner of Days of Impact 2020, Danish Institute for Sustainability & Innovative Entrepreneurship (DISIE)

2019 - Sheworks founded by Solveig Søndergaard as private-public social partnership project with the local municipality.

Sustainable Impact

As of September 2022, Sheworks Atelier has collected an estimated 33,079 kg of textiles, rescuing these materials from disposal, where they to the best of our knowledge might otherwise would have ended up burned. Through our conscientious efforts, we estimate that this initiative has led to a significant environmental impact, saving approximately 509,550 kg of CO2 emissions according to our own calculations. This substantial reduction underscores the importance of repurposing and upcycling textiles that would have otherwise contributed to unnecessary environmental exploitation. Sheworks Atelier remains committed to sustainable practices, making a tangible difference in our ecological footprint through the thoughtful rescue and transformation of discarded materials.

Social Impact

As of August 2022, Sheworks Atelier has made a substantial social impact by successfully facilitating the return of 17 females to the Danish labor market. Beyond mere job placement, our initiatives focus on empowering women, and our calculated results indicate that these efforts have saved the municipality an estimated 317.890 Euro. These achievements underscore our commitment to fostering positive change, both through sustainable design practices and by creating tangible opportunities for personal and professional advancement, ultimately contributing to the economic and social vitality of our community. Numbers are calculated using The Social Calculater at www.cabi.dk


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