About us

SHEWORKS ATELIER is a circular design studio which utilizes surplus and waste materials from the textile industry in Denmark creating beautiful circular products made by hand.

SHEWORKS is based in our atelier in Kolding, from where talented immigrant- and refugee women find peace and network in creating and developing together.

When supporting our business you support our goal of creating jobs for these minorities in our local community.

We are always looking for new collaborators so please feel free to connect and become an important and appreciated part of a holistic project that takes care of our planet and society as a whole.

One small step for man...

One big step for our sustainable agenda : We are the very first non-food project to join COOP Crowdfunding in Denmark. Our first project has been succesfully founded and now we are really proud to introduce some new handmade items.

"Our goal is to create jobs; our purpose

is to be the leading Danish Design Hub

for Circularity & Material Prolongation"

Solveig Søndergaard

Founder of Sheworks

Our mission


We work to raise the quality of life and create jobs and network for immigrant women by developing their skills through their interests in craft and design.


Our zero-waste designs are crafted locally from high quality surplus material from the Danish textile industry in  an effort to lower the negative impact on our planet.


We design our products, so you do not need to compromise on aesthetics when you wish to act sustainably. Each product is handmade and completely unique.

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All our products are completely unique handmade one-of-a-kind pieces and we create circular novelties made with love for our environment and society.

Our services

We create...


We produce a wide range of upcycled, circular textile products like bags, containers, pillows, facecloths, curtains and even teddybears. We do any products made to order. Check out our webshop for inspiration. Got an idea? Send an email or connect via our instagram.

We do...


We collaborate with a wide range of companies within the danish textile industry like Pagunette, Fritz Hansen, Sofacompany and many many more.

Want us to transform your textile waste into beautiful circular stories? Read more here and get in touch via email today.

We transform...


Do you have surplus materials that you need to get rid of?

We create jobs locally in the process of transforming trash to beautiful circular products. Everything is of interest. Get in touch to learn how you can get onboard.

Sheworks is build on the four of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, no. 5,8,12 and 13.