Creating circular stories from waste


We are a creative collective which utilizes surplus and waste materials from the textile industry in Denmark creating beautiful circular products made by hand.

We are based in our atelier in Kolding from where talented women and men, find peace and network in creating and developing together. When supporting our business you support our goal of creating jobs for the people in our local community.

We are always looking for new collaborators so please feel free to connect and become an important and appreciated part of a holistic project that takes care of our planet and society as a whole.



All our products are completly unique handmade one-of-a-kind pieces. We do not do mass production. We do circular novelties made with love for our environment and society.


We create...


We produce a wide range of circular textile products like bags, containers, pillows, carpets, teddybears and even curtains. We do any products made to order. Have an idea? Send an email or connect via our instagram.

We do...

Company Collaborations

We collaborate with a wide range of companies within the danish textile sector like Pagunette, Fritz Hansen, Coccon Company, Sofacompany and many more.

Want us to transform your textile trash into beautiful circular stories? Get in touch via email or phone today.

We transform...

Surplus Materials

Do you have surplus materials that you need to get rid of?

We create jobs locally  in the process of transforming trash to beautiful circular products. Everyhting is of interest. Connect via email or phone to hear more.


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