Zero-waste collection for Sofacompany

In a new collaboration between Sofacompany and Sheworks Atelier a beautiful zero-waste collection has been brought to life. With the donation of waste materials from Sofacompany's own production, Sheworks Atelier have designed and upcycled waste fabrics into a very special - and limited - zero-waste collection. 

Find the beautiful mosaic pillow collection below and read more about the colaboration

How can we help?

We create zero-waste products

We produce a wide range of upcycled, circular textile products like bags, containers, pillows, facecloths, curtains and even teddybears. We do any products made to order. Check out our webshop for inspiration. Got an idea? Send an email or connect via our instagram.

Let's collaborate on your CSR

We collaborate with a wide range of companies within the danish textile industry like Pagunette, Fritz Hansen, Coccon Company, Sofacompany and many more.

Want us to transform your textile waste into beautiful circular stories? Read more here and get in touch via email today.

We transform your

surplus materials

Do you have surplus materials that you need to get rid of?

We create jobs locally in the process of transforming trash to beautiful circular products. Everything is of interest. Get in touch to learn how you can get onboard.


Fritz Hansen

Georg Jensen Damask




YKK Danmark

Redux Kolding


Designskolen Kolding


Kolding Kommune

Aarhus Universitet



Real Relief Health

Den Sociale Kapitalfond

Aage Vestergaard Larsen



Düwald Home


Peter Larsen Kaffe

& many more....

Collaboration with GANNI on royal waste couture

SHEworks is proud to collaborate with Danish fashion brand, GANNI on creating a dress for Ms. Marie Louise Nosch, who is hosting a very special upcomming royal event. Stay tuned.

Walk with us

By becoming a part of SHEworks Atelier, you can walk with us on the path to a more sustainable future, where we save on earth resources and create new designs and jobs in the process. Our partners are involved in SHEworks in a range of different ways. Some simply donates materials, and in other cases we work together in designing a product that will then circulate back into the company’s own collection or be used as employee - or representational gifts. Together, we can ensure that surplus and waste textiles can bring happiness and receive new life in upcycled, zero-waste designs, reducing the negative impact on our planet.

Make your organization equal to social responsibility today, giving your connections a reason to remember you tomorrow.

We are continuously on the lookout for new partners. Read more below, and get in touch with us to see, what we can do together.

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