Textile development,

Photo: Jonas Raaby

We are always happy to help so please feel free to connect and become an important and appreciated part of a holistic business that takes care of our planet and society as a whole.

Sheworks Atelier is an awardwinning Textile Design Studio which specialize in transforming surplus- and waste textiles into bespoke design products and textiles surfaces. All products are made with heart and hands in Denmark by women on the outskirts of the Danish labour market. 

Transforming new from old and giving new life to discarded ressources are at the core of our design aesthetic: We believe that products made with consideration for our environment and our local communities are the essence of new nordic design. We believe that innovative and sustainable design should be beautiful from the inside out.

We are based in Kolding, Denmark from where women with a talent for craft, find peace and network in creating and developing together.

When collaborating with us you support our goal of creating jobs for these minorities in our local community as well as reducing your environmental impact.

The women behind the craft.

Photo: Thomas Peber