High-end materials and deadstock waste

The Danish Furniture and Textile industry is well known for using high-quality materials only. Perhaps you recognize an iconic design chair from the photo?

To keep the quality top-notch in these productions a lot of quality materials are being wasted in the high-end industry. And we think that is a shame !

Therefore we provide easy B2B solutions where we turn wasted materials in to beautiful design products. 

Most businesses have deadstock and waste materials in their production - the question is - how can they be transformed from being merely waste, into creating value for you ?

Holistic Design Solutions 

Changing your business model from linear to circular is not easy - however we all know that this is what the future holds  - and especially what the future consumer demands of us. Sheworks provides you and your company with a easy plug n' play solution that helps you step in to the future of circular design with ease.

Image 1. The Sheworks Design Cycle: From Linear to Circular

Where do we start ?

Sheworks provides a through analysis of your business, your brand and your costumer; and with a professional design approach we curate and produce products of a high aesthetic value which resonates with both your costumer but also provides job locally and keep your deadstock in the loop. 

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Else Skjold


PhD, Associate Professor at The Royal Danish Academy & A Member of the Ministry of Trade and Industry's Task Force for Green Transition in the Danish Textile Sector

“For me, there is no doubt that the ongoing green transition must be driven through far more local product development and service business in the clothing and textile sector, including re-design, repair and small agile and targeted productions. Here is the social innovation that Sheworks is an example of one of the kind of initiatives on which we must build our investment, as after many years of outsourcing production we have lost know-how and knowledge that is currently causing a significant error production in the industry.

We get that know-how and knowledge across borders from countries in the form of people with great craftsmanship who go under the radar of the current integration system, but who can constitute a large and important resource in the years to come ”.

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