Did you know that we are an award-winning design studio?


Finalists for Danish Design Awards (Visionary Concepts 2022)

Impact Startup Award granted from The Social Capitalfond 2022

Solveig Søndergaard (CEO) appointed 'Innowoman' by the Innovation Fund 2022

Winner of Best Circular Design Studio - Nordics Excellence Award for Sustainability Solutions 2021

Winner of Days of Impact 2020 Danish Institute for Sustainability & Innovative Entrepreneurship (DISIE)

Winner of UN-goals Awards Business Kolding 2021

Nominated for UN-goals Award ‘The Inclusion Price’ 2021 by the 2030- panel

Solveig Søndergaard (CEO) appointed ‘Climate Hero’ by Danish Entrepreneurial Union 2021 

Sheworks founder appointed Climate Hero

The Danish Institute for Sustainable Innovation & Entrepeneurship (DISIE) and the Danish Entrepenuerial Union has pointed out our founder Solveig Søndergaard and Sheworks as 1 out of 8 national Climate Hero; DISIE writes:

"Solveig crafts and creates all sorts of different products using only surplus goods, being thrown out by other companies. She collaborates with the municipality and employs immigrant women, who are responsible for the handicraft in the design process. 

Sheworks creates a great story on both ends: it is sustainable, since it utilizes resource and it fulfills a great social purpose in seeing the potential of immigrant women and at the same time creating employment.

The Climate Heroes project makes purpose-driven entrepreneurs visible and forms an ambassador corps with climate entrepreneurs - those who do not see a contradiction between creating a good business and doing something good for the world."