Photo: Sofia Lomakka


Winner Sustainability Award (Hoppekids 2023)

Nominated EY - Entrepenuer of The Year (Start-up 2022)

Winner of Danish Design Awards (Visionary Concepts 2022)

Nominated Sustainability Hero, House of Sustainability, Kolding 2022

Best Impact Startup Grant, The Social Capitalfond 2022

Solveig Søndergaard (CEO) appointed Innowoman, Innovation Fund 2022

Winner of Best Circular Design Studio - Nordics Excellence Award for Sustainability Solutions 2021

Winner of Days of Impact 2020, Danish Institute for Sustainability & Innovative Entrepreneurship (DISIE)

Winner of UN-goals Awards, Business Kolding 2021

Nominated for UN-goals Award The Inclusion Price 2021, The 2030- panel

Solveig Søndergaard (CEO) appointed Climate Hero, Danish Entrepreneurial Union 2021 

We are ecstatic - euphoric - and immensely proud to be the winner of Danish Design Awards ‘Visionary Concepts 2022’. This is an acknowledgement of our hard work from the very top of Design Denmark.

We strive to keep a high quality in our design and our products - a long with a joyful working environment for minorities in our society.

A heartfelt thankyou to all friends of Sheworks who has made this journey possible so far.

"A stellar example of how a business creates value beyond measures. This initiative is crucial in so many ways. It is a vital step toward integrating refugees into society by enabling them to work, earn their own money, and learn new skills. A truly dignifying way to bring these women into the Danish workforce. Furthermore, the jury agrees that the solution should also be commended for meeting the circular agenda of the textile and furniture industries and for helping to preserve a traditional craft from extinction."

Jury, Danish Design Awards 2022