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Award Winner

Winner of The UN-goals Awards 2020

Sheworks Atelier has been awarded with the 'UN-goals Award 2020' by Business Kolding. This award underlines the importance of working with UN-goals and our profile as the most current 'Plug 'n Play' solution for businesses who want to improve their Coporate Social Responsibility.

The foundation of Sheworks has been build on UN-goal 5,8,10,12.

Please have a look at the video (in Danish) produced by Business Kolding which explains how we work.


Let us make CSR easy for you.

We collaborate with a wide range of companies in the Danish textile industry, such as Georg Jensen Damask, Sofacompany, Fritz Hansen and YKK. Our collaborations are different so please do not hesitate to connect on how we can make your business more CSR friendly; Sheworks is showing the way in how we can utilize and turn over the resources in our local community – human as well as materialistic – beneficial to both people and our one and only planet.

Both socially and environmentally our pursuit is to create a positive impact. At Sheworks, we work with love and care for our planet and our people. We create jobs for skilled refugee women with an interest in design and craftsmanship, who struggle to get their grip on the job market. Our vision is to strengthen their network and increase their quality of life. Because we believe that when you do something you’re passionate about and you work creatively together in community, you will become happier – and better at what you do.

Working from zero-waste principles, we are upcycling textile pre-consumer waste materials into new, aesthetic lifestyle products. With a love for design and in order to lower the negative impact on our planet, our products have undergone a time-consuming design process. This is to make sure, we reach the aesthetic expression, we wish for, and that every single millimeter of the fabric is being used. In doing so, we take care of our planet by carefully utilizing the resources. All our products are unique and handmade.

The story

SHEworks is born out of the extensive research project, THREAD, in which Design School Kolding took part. Their part was to research the unresolved potential for integration through design and the crafting skills of immigrant women.

The research project concluded in June of 2019, but Solveig Søndergaard, a designer from Design School Kolding and research assistant at THREAD, decided to work forward with the strong network that had been created of talented women.

In close collaboration with the integration pool of the labor market committee (Arbejdsmarkedsudvalget) in Kolding Kommune, as well as Den Sociale Kapitalfond and Days of Impact, SHEworks continues on the journey to becoming an independent, socioeconomic business, building on its foundation of sustainability and integration, green transformation and employment.

Our dream is to see more skilled, creative refugee women employed in a fulfilling job, so they can provide for themselves, develop their skills and qualifications, and be empowered.

This is Laila. One of the stars behind our whirring sewing machines. Laila is Kurdish and comes from Syria. She has been using a sewing machine her entire life. Whenever the stores didn’t hold the design she pictured in her head, she would simply make it herself.

On her path to Denmark, Laila lived a few years in Turkey with her husband and their four daughters. She started working at clothing factories, and quickly rose to become production leader. In Denmark, she has been through the whole system of language school, internships and micro jobs. She has been in restaurants, hotel kitchens, and with a seamstress.

“My future was not there,” Laila explains, her eyes shining seriously, “my head stood still, because the tasks were so monotonous. Here I get to use my creativity and create things anew, and the tasks are never the same, which I love.” She is smiling, and her eyes are their usual gleaming selves. “I am happier. I can find myself here.”

At SHEworks we marvel at the transformation these women go through as they land themselves in a job where they can excel in their creativity and work together in community. Weight loss, energy boost, smiles and increased well-being are natural outcomes for many of the women working here. Though we cannot put exact numbers on it, it is clear to us the difference a job at SHEworks makes, not only for these women, but for their families as well – and therefore eventually for our society as a whole.